The Lenin Factor (2019)

Drama / History • 113 minutes
Released • October 31, 2019

Having dedicated his life to the preparation of the revolution in the Russian Empire, Vladimir Lenin, living in exile in Switzerland, desperately seeks a way back to Russia to take control. Options are few when Lenin receives an offer from Alexander Parvus, the most infamous of political opportunists, who has made a deal with Germany to sponsor the revolution under Lenin’s command and smuggle Lenin and his comrades into Russia. Aware that making a deal with 2 devils could cost him everything, Lenin knows he must outsmart and outmaneuver Parvus and the Germans at any cost...

A.K.A. DE: Ленин. Неизбежность  ES: Ленин. Неизбежность  FR: Ленин. Неизбежность  PT: Ленин. Неизбежность  RU: Ленин. Неизбежность  US: Lenin: Revolution Chronicles 

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