Ford v Ferrari (2019)

They took the American dream for a ride
Action / Drama / History • 152 minutes
Starring: Matt Damon Christian Bale Jon Bernthal Tracy Letts Caitriona Balfe Noah Jupe Scott Rapp Josh Lucas and others.
Released • November 13, 2019

American car designer Carroll Shelby and the British-born driver Ken Miles work together to battle corporate interference, the laws of physics, and their own personal demons to build a revolutionary race car for Ford Motor Company and take on the dominating race cars of Enzo Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in France in 1966.

A.K.A. AT: Le Mans 66 – Gegen jede Chance  BR: Ford vs Ferrari  CN: 賽道狂人  DE: Le Mans 66 - Gegen jede Chance  ES: Le Mans '66  FR: Le Mans 66  GB: Le Mans '66  GR: Le Mans ’66  MX: Contra Lo Imposible  PT: Le Mans '66: O Duelo  RU: Ford против Ferrari  TW: 賽道狂人  UA: Форд проти Феррарі  US: Go Like Hell